Emulsion Skincare: A Complete Guide to Using Emulsions

An interesting part of the K-beauty skincare routine is emulsion skincare which combines the hydrating property of a serum and the moisturizing property of a cream.

The usage and benefits of emulsions in skincare originated from Korean skincare routines. Now, emulsions have gained great importance not only in Korea but all over the world. The wide range of benefits provided by emulsions is covered in this article.

Emulsion skincare: What actually is an Emulsion

 Emulsion, in skincare, is made by a combination of two liquids that gives a product a milky texture.

Emulsion provides the benefit of cream as well as a serum. It provides hydration as a serum and is as moisturizing as a cream. It is lightweight and thinner, as compared to cream, and does not make your skin heavy and greasy.

 Benefits of Emulsion Skincare

  • Protects your skin from dehydration.
  • Does not make your skin too oily or heavy
  • Emulsions are non-comedogenic.
  • They are good for acne-prone skin.
  • Emulsions absorb very fast into the skin.
  • Perfect for a skincare routine if you are a busy person.

Can be combined with other ingredients, like salicylic acid, to prevent acne and dryness.

  • Prevents moisture loss from the skin
  • Protects the lipid barrier of the skin.
  • The emulsion does not clog the pores of your skin.
  • Suitable for every skin type.

Can You use Emulsion?

The emulsion is suitable for people of every skin type. It does not cause any harm to your skin and is thus safe for your skin even if you have sensitive skin.

If you have oily skin, emulsions are great for you. It would be a great addition to your skincare routine.

If you have combination and acne-prone skin, you can still use emulsion on your skin. It specifically targets your blemishes and oil and removes acne spots from your skin.

People with normal skin can also get benefitted from using emulsion skin care. Emulsions also combat dryness and are therefore also good for people with dry skin.

Where Should it go in Your Skincare Routine?

The use of emulsion in skincare routine depends on the purpose for why you are using emulsion.

If you are using emulsion for the purpose of moisturizing your skin, apply it before the last step of your skincare routine. Whatever product you are applying, last, emulsion should always be applied before that. (in case of using emulsion as a moisturizer).

If you are using emulsion as a hydrator, apply it before using your moisturizing cream. When it comes to using of emulsion or moisturizer first, emulsion should always be applied before the last active product that you are using on your skin.

Tips for Using Emulsion Skincare

You can get the most out of emulsion skincare by using it in a proper way and incorporating it into your skincare routine in such a way that it does not disturb other steps of your skincare routine.

A great way of using emulsion is to add it to your skincare routine before your last step. Mostly sunscreen is used, at last, so use it before you apply sunscreen.

You can also use a double cleansing method and apply emulsion after you are done washing your face. It is recommended to use an oil-based cleanser first to remove excess oil or makeup from your skin. Then go for a water-based cleanser and when you are done with the process of cleaning, you can apply the emulsion to your skin.

Emulsions vs Lotions

Lotions help in moisturizing and hydrate your skin. They can penetrate the surface of the skin and tends to soften it.

Emulsions, on the other hand, are a moisture barrier that protects the lipid barrier of your skin. It helps lock moisture in your skin that you get from using other skincare products.

Emulsions vs serums

Serums are thinner as compared to emulsions. They provide many hydrating benefits to the skin.

Emulsions are thicker than serums and should be used after using serum as it helps to prevent the loss of moisture that comes from the serum.

Emulsions vs toners

Toners are good for balancing the pH of the skin and improving skin texture. It should be used when you are using other skincare products in your skincare routine.

On the other hand, the emulsion is a stand-alone product and it does not need any other product to be used with it.


The emulsion is a great part of the Korean beauty skincare routine. It is actually a mixture of two liquids that gives the hydrating property of serum and the moisturizing property of a cream.

This article describes the benefits of emulsion and where it should go in your skincare routine.


Which is better emulsion or moisturizer?

Both have their amazing benefits but an emulsion has much faster absorption and is more concentrated as compared to a moisturizer.

What does emulsion do for the skin?

Emulsion gives a lot of benefits to the skin. It locks up moisture in your skin and provides amazing hydration to your skin.

Is emulsion better than moisturizer?

Yes, the emulsion has greater absorption and provides hydration to the skin. It also prevents the loss of moisture from the skin.

Is emulsion the same as serum?

No, the emulsion is thicker than serum. It is less concentrated as compared to serum.

What skincare step is an emulsion?

The emulsion should be applied before the final step of your skincare routine. Mostly, sunscreen is used lastly. You can apply emulsion before sunscreen.

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