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Taking off their skin and looking attractive is very much necessary for a man as it is for a woman. When it comes to male skincare, things are not complicated. 80% of Men are likely to have oily skin as compared to women. This is because they have excessive sebum production and large size of pores than women. Here we have described a general overview of oily skin and a basic skincare routine that makes men’s skin oil and dirt free.

Oily Skin: Causes and Remedy

If you are worried about that excessive oil on your face. Then don’t worry. All that you need to do is to adopt a good skincare routine that helps remove excess oil from your face.

Oily skin means the appearance of excess oil on your face and a greasy look.

Why men?

As already discussed, men are more likely to have oily skin due to excessive sebum production but why does it happen to men only? The answer may be hormones, genetics, or weather fluctuations. Let’s see what are the reasons for oily skin in men:

1. Dihydrotestosterone

The main reason for oily skin in men

Sex hormone(testosterone) converts to DHT

This conversion makes your sebaceous glands make excess oil.

2.   Genetics

Genetics might be a cause of oily skin in men

Oily skin might be inherited from your parents.

3.   Exposure To UV Rays

Men mostly work outdoors and are more exposed to sunlight. This much exposure to sunlight and UV rays makes their skin more vulnerable to oil production.

4. Weather Fluctuations

A change in weather also causes a change in your normal skin.

In summer, you get sweaty and are likely to have more oil production on your skin.

Skincare Routine for men with Oily Skin: Guide to Oil-free Skin

Men who have oily skin should follow a simple skincare routine that includes cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating. These are three simple steps to getting oil-free and clear radiating skin.

Most dermatologists recommend these five steps for getting rid of oily skin. Here we go:

Cleansing-twice a day

The most important and crucial step of any skincare routine is cleansing. No matter what gender you belong to you should always follow this step.

Cleansing is done with regular soaps as well as a face wash. Face washes are generally recommended use for cle ansing. This is because they help deeply eliminate dead skin cells and dirt from your face.Use a good cleanser for your face and cleanse twice a day.

moisturizing Daily

The second thing that you can do to avoid oil plopping up on your skin is to moisturize your face every day. Your skin can get dehydrated and this dehydration leaves your skin dry and thus contributing to oily skin.

Moisturizers help nourish your skin by making it hydrated and giving you a fresh and radiant look. These also help to save your skin from dehydration.

Exfoliating- Once or twice a week

To deeply remove the excessive oil and dirt from your face, use an exfoliator. Exfoliating is done with the help of scrubs. These are very important parts of a skincare routine, especially for men.

Men tend to have more oil production and therefore, should exfoliate their skin at least once or twice a week. This helps remove the oil and dirt from their skin.


Toners are very helpful in balancing the pH of the skin. When you are done cleansing and exfoliating your skin, the next thing to do is to apply a toner.

These help in the deep cleansing and nourishment of skin cells along with the removal of dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt from the face.

Using a Face Mask

Face masks are generally to be used twice a week for better results. After the essential steps of toning, moisturizing, and cleansing, the next crucial step that you need to add in your skincare routine is the use of face masks.

You can use a simple clay mask on your skin or you can also buy one from the market. The only thing that you need to consider while buying it is that it best suits your skin and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Tips for Men with Oily Skin

  • Do not scrub your face too hard.
  • Avoid hot water baths.
  • Exfoliate once a week.
  • Moisturize with a lotion that has a thin consistency.
  • Always check for the ingredients when using any skincare product.
  • Use non-comedogenic skincare products.
  • Eat healthy vegetables and fruits.
  • Use face masks of clay.
  • Apply toners for better results.


Oily skin is a major problem for men. Adopting a good skincare routine and maintaining good hygiene helps to eliminate excessive oil production. This article describes a basic skincare routine that includes the steps to achieve clear, oil-free skin.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

What causes oily skin in males?

Oily skin in men is mostly because of their hormones. They have a higher level of DHT that contributes to excessive sebum production and thus leads to oily skin.

Should men with oily skin use moisturizer?

Yes, they should. In fact, you should moisturize your face daily to cope with oily skin.

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