Guide to a Minimalist Skincare Routine: Everything You Need to Know

Skincare routines that are over-complicated can make your skin dry and unattractive. Look for products that have minimal ingredients and avoid alcohol-based or perfumed products. Go for products that are gentle and contain glycerine, ceramide, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid.

When you limit the ingredients, you are actually protecting your skin from any kind of irritation or allergy. The minimal skincare routine gives your skin an even balance of important ingredients that it needs by minimizing the risk of allergy or irritation from skincare products.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

  • This deep cleansing oil is world famous brand
  • It is super relaxing and it helps remove all the makeup from your skin without tightening it.
  • Contains only 8 ingredients
  • It has olive, rosemary leaf oil, and glycyrrhizic acid
  • It makes your skin smooth
  • It hydrates and radiates your skin

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

  • It cleanses the skin by removing dirt and dead skin cells
  • Protects skin’s natural oils
  • Gentle for any type of skin
  • Contains 9 ingredients

Five Dot Botanics

This amazing skincare product contains only natural ingredients. It contains

Safflower seed oil -helps clear scars and blemishes from the skin

Linoleic acid- stimulates the regeneration of new cells in the skin

Anti-oxidant enriched amla fruit extract -hydrates the skin

Green coffee – moisturizes the skin and reduces wrinkles

Cacay oil– repairs damaged skin

Chamomile oil – additional oil for extra comfort

[B3] Essence Hydra

  • It is a hydrating essence lotion for sensitive and dehydrated skin. It also works best for wrinkles.
  • It contains 2% vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and  hyaluronic acid
  • Niacinamide is good for maintaining the barrier of the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin and prevents skin dehydration

Heritage Store Rosewater Facial Spray

  • This rosewater spray works magically on your skin.
  • It gives you instantly glowing and radiating skin.
  • The only ingredients in this facial spray are water and rose oil.

Rocket Robin Raw Shea Butter

  • This great skincare product is best for skin hydrating and plumping the skin.
  • Firstly, melt the shea butter and whip it before using.
  • You can also use coconut oil and essential oils along with this magical skincare product.

Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Almond Castile Soap

  • It contains only natural ingredients
  • Contains mainly organic hemp and jojoba oil.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Soothing Micellar Cleansing Water And Makeup Remover

  • It is basically a type of cleanser.
  • It also works best as a makeup remover
  • It contains some micro-droplets that protect the skin’s barrier.

The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc 

  • This serum is very popular among the masses.
  • It contains niacinamide and zinc.
  • It helps reduce pore size and eliminates blemishes.

Pura D’or Organic Castor Oil

  • Castor oil is an organic product
  • It is a thick and nourishing oil
  • It helps lashes and brows grow long in a nice way.

S.W. Basics Cream

  • This is a moisturizing cream made of only three simple ingredients.
  • It has shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Olio E Osso Lip & Skin Balm

  • This balm is made in Portland.
  • It soothes lips and adds shimmer
  • It contains beeswax, olive oil, shea oil, and grapefruit essential oil.

The Bare-Minimum Skin Care Routine: An ultimate guide

Stop following 10 or 12 steps complicated skincare routine. You can always go basic by choosing a skincare routine that takes less time from your busy schedule and makes you look attractive and glowing as well.

Here’s the bare-minimum skincare routine that you should do daily.

1.   Start with a Cleanser

The first thing you need to do while following any skincare routine is to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Invest in a good cleanser and wash off the dust, dead skin cells, and impurities from your face. Repeat this process twice a day.

It helps reduce breakouts and eliminate unnecessary dust and dirt from your skin.

2.  Apply Sunscreen

Avoid direct sunlight. If you have to work in broad daylight, use sunscreen to protect your skin from sunlight.

3. Moisturize twice a day

Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. It creates a barrier over your skin to prevent drying the skin. Use a moisturizer when you are done cleansing and exfoliating your face.

4. Exfoliate gently

Use an exfoliator on your face. It helps remove dead skin cells and improves skin texture. Apply it after you are done cleansing.

5. Use anti-aging products

Use the products that help reduce wrinkles from your skin. Invest in a good anti-aging product. You can also use retinol for anti-aging. Ampoules and serums are also available in the market that is specifically made for preventing aging.


Don’t indulge yourself in a complicated skincare regimen that takes more time rather opt for a skincare routine that has minimum steps but gives you maximum benefits.

When shopping for skincare products, choose the one that has minimal ingredients. This helps protect your skin from allergies or irritation from unnecessary ingredients of your skincare product.

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