What exactly is an Essence?

In the Korean skincare routine, Essence has the most important place. It was first introduced in the skincare market by an international skincare line called Eudermine.

Essence is a concentrated formula that makes skin brighter and smoother. It also works on wrinkles and gives you a smooth and even skin tone. Facial essence is the perfect product that hydrates your skin and balances skin pH.

Facial essence works as a primer and moisturizer. It should not be confused with toner or serum as there are many differences between the two.

Ingredients present in an Essence

Essence has a lot of benefits for the skin. This water-based skin product works magically on your skin by giving you the best glow and smooth skin.

Following are the common ingredients present in Essence skincare products:

  • WaterGlycerin/Glycol
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Plant extracts
  • Yeast fermentation by-products
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals 
  • Lipids

These ingredients present in Essence give collective benefits to the skin. Water hydrates the skin, Glycerin/glycol, and hyaluronic acid moisturize the skin. Herbal plant extracts work as anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents and the Vitamins, minerals, and lipids present in Essence help provide nourishment and strength to the skin cells.

Skincare benefits of Essence

Here are the skincare benefits of Essence.

  • makes your skin soft and smooth
  • balances the pH of the skin
  • supports the benefit of other skincare products
  • rehydrate the skin cells
  • prevents wrinkles
  • targets fine lines
  • fights dull and uneven skin
  • protect the barrier of the skin
  • boost the health of the skin
  • prepares the skin to absorb other products
  • ow molecular weight than most creams
  • can penetrate deeper into the skin

Where Does it go in Your Skincare Routine?

Step 1: Cleanse your skin.

Step 2: Apply toner to your skin by using a cotton pad.

Step 3: Take 4 or 5 gushes of Essence in your hands and gently pat it on your skin. Do not rub it on your skin.

Step 4: You can also use your Essence before using moisturizer for better results.

Essence v/s Serum

The essence should not be confused with serum or toner because there is a difference between them.

  • Essence is lightweight
  • It is less concentrated as compared to serum
  • It has a liquidy texture
  • Essence is less viscous
  • Less thick than serum
  • Essence penetrates deeper than serum
  • Should be applied once in a skincare routine as compared to serums which can be used twice.

Essence v/s Toner

Essence is also different from toner. Toner is a lotion or a cleanser that cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

The primary purpose of a toner is to balance the Ph of the skin while the purpose of Essence is hydration and nourishment of the skin.

Toners help to refresh the skin and remove dead skin cells whereas essence is used for soothing and hydrating the skin.

The essence should be applied with the hands whereas, for toner, you need to use a cotton pad. Applying essence with cotton pad results in wastage of the product as much of it sticks to the cotton pad rather than the skin.

How to use it: Ultimate guide

       Recommend tapping because it enhances absorption

  • First of all, start by cleansing your face and then you can apply toner.
  • Then take the Essence in your hands and apply it to your skin.
  • Do not rub it on your face.
  • Tap it on your skin because tapping enhances absorption.
  • It’s better to use your hands for application rather than using a cotton pad.
  • Always spray 4 to 5 pumps of the essence in your hands.

Why your skin needs it?

  • It treats the skin on a cellular level.
  • Helps in skin regeneration
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Revitalize your skin
  • Makes your skin smooth and right
  • Repairs fine lines
  • Targets dull and uneven skin tone
  • Makes you look more youthful

What does an Essence actually do: Purpose of essence

  • Essence is an important part of the Korean 12-step skincare routine.
  • “The main goal of an essence is to hydrate the skin and to help the other products in your skincare routine better absorb into your skin,” says Simon Aurion MD, a board-certified dermatologist.
  • It acts as a primer for your skin.

Is it a necessity in the skincare routine?

Essences should be a part of your skincare routine. Facial essences are an important talk of the town in Korea. It is an essential part of the skincare routine followed by Korean people. Essence can penetrate deeper than your average moisturizer.

It enhances the benefits of other skincare products that are included in your skincare regimen.

Application of Essence: Before/After toner or serum

  • Use an essence after a toner. It helps to balance and rehydrate the moisture in the skin.
  • Use serum before using an essence. It helps the skin to deeply absorb the serum.

Are there any precautions?

Essence is the safest skin product. It does not cause any harm to the skin. 

Adverse effect on the skin is reported in very rare cases, which means it’s safe to use an essence on your skin.

Essence for all skin types

v Essence is available in a lot of varieties and for all types of skin whether the skin is dehydrated, sensitive, tired, or dull.

v Hydrating skin essences are used for dehydrated skin

v Brightening essences are applied to activate dull and tired skin

Best Face Essences You need to try Now

SK-II Facial treatment essence

This facial treatment essence contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids. These ingredients help in the skin renewal process. It makes your skin soft, smooth, and radiant. It is helpful in the hydration of all skin types including oily and dry skin. 

Innisfree firming energy essence

This essence helps in the smoothness and softness of the skin. It improves skin brightness and gives an even tone to the skin. Suitable for all skin types including normal, dry, and oily.

Galline face vinegar

It is made up of Apple cider vinegar. It soothes the skin and reduces redness in sensitive skin. It is also good for oily skin. It can exfoliate oily skin. It makes your skin look brighter as well as reduces pore size.

Missha’s time revolution essence

This bright and youth-enhancing essence provides many skincare benefits. It makes your skin brighter, reduces wrinkles, gives moisture to the skin, improves skin texture, and reduces the signs of aging.

Best Essence for Oily Skin

V Caudalie vino perfect glycolic brightening essence

If you have oily skin, then this essence is perfect for you. It eliminates dead skin cells and gives you a fair complexion. It gives your skin a natural glow. Use this essence every morning. Firstly, cleanse your face, then apply this essence all over your face and neck.

COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid

This essence is particularly used by people who have oily skin. It is used for gentle exfoliation and oil control. Apply sunscreen if you use this product during the day.


Korean trends have always been popular among the masses. They have a huge role in the skincare beauty regimen. Essence is one of the best products introduced by Korean skincare experts.

Always use essence after using cleanser and toner and it works best if used before a moisturizer. An essence makes your skin hydrated and fresh. It gives a natural glow to your skin and is also effective in reducing wrinkles thus making the skin youthful and fresh. It should be a part of your daily skincare routine.

A variety of essence is available in the market. This article covers the benefits and usage of the essence and it also describes where you can buy them online.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions asked by you people. We have tried our best to give you a satisfactory answer to these.

What is the difference between an essence and a serum?

Essence is lightweight and less concentrated as compared to serum. It can penetrate deeper into the skin than serum.

In essence the same as a toner?

No, the essence is different from toner. Toner balances the pH of the skin while essence hydrates it.

Is essence good for the skin?

Yes, it is very good for the skin as it hydrates the skin, reduces wrinkles, and targets fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Is essence really necessary?

Yes, essence should be part of your skincare routine. It makes your skin youthful and gives you a natural glow.

What are the benefits of the essence?

Essence hydrates the skin, reduces wrinkles, prevents aging, targets uneven skin, and gives moisture to the skin.

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